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Distilling range

Boplaas’s distilling heritage began with the making of fine potstill brandy and dates to 1880. After the repeal of distilling licenses in the early 1920’s, Boplaas’s copper potstill lay dormant for almost 70 years until it was fired up again in 1989.

In addition to Boplaas’s renowned brandies, the family distillery began to produce gin and whisky in recent years on a new still nicknamed The Falcon.

Portuguese Collection

The Portuguese collection is a range of single varietals and blended wines showcasing the potential, quality and diversity of table wines produced from traditional Portuguese varieties grown in the Cape.

White & Red Table Wines

Our range of table wines are produced from hand harvested fruit and traditional vinification techniques offer fruit forward wines of exceptional quality and value for everyday enjoyment.

Sparkling & Rosé wines

Savor the bubbles of our sparkling wines, made with the finest grapes and crafted in the traditional method. Whether you’re toasting to a celebration or simply enjoying a glass with friends, our sparkling wines are sure to impress.

Family reserve

The aim of the limited quantities of the Family Reserve is to showcase the vineyard sites, the skill of the growers and craftsmanship of the winemakers. These are wines dictated solely by the vintage, vineyards and winemakers, with the express ability to improve with further careful cellaring and time in the bottle.

Cape Ports

Due to climate conditions, pure blind luck, (Oupa Danie unknowingly planning Tinta Barocca), extensive visit to Portugal and single-minded determination to craft the best, Boplaas has built a reputation for the finest ‘Port’ styled fortifieds from traditional Portuguese varietals in the Cape.


The Klein Karoo has long been known for the quality of its Muscats – Muscat de Frontignan and Muscat d’Alexandria . The very first wines crafted by the Nels of Boplaas in the mid-19th century were quite possible fortifieds Muscats and today we continue this heritage by crafting a range of Muscats from exceptional old vines.

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