Climate crises: our pledge, your invitation

Jan 24, 2020

Climate crisis: our pledge, your invitation

Please join us in the fight for climate health. Take the step with us and plant a spekboom.

Boplaas has always been conservation-minded. Now we’ve stepped up our drive and pledged to establish one million plants of the Portulacaria afra succulent variety – commonly known as the spekboom – the end of 2025.

The world is at a tipping point and we should do everything in our power to avoid a global climate catastrophe. The spekboom that is indigenous to the Klein Karoo area is a carbon miracle worker. Spekboom, for the amount of water it uses, is the most efficient carbon sequester in the world.

The humble spekboom can gobble up between 4 and 10 tons of carbon per hectare per year. But it needs our help. According to the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change, the world currently produces 1 331 tons/sec CO2.

Our goal at Boplaas is to escalate plantation of the spekboom through strategic partnerships and as a wider aim to spread awareness. We want to encourage its cultivation in private gardens, on estates and on farms.

It’s not an impossible task – the spekboom is great at adapting to its surroundings and can flourish almost anywhere. It makes wonderful hedges and beautiful shrubs; and, can be planted in fields, flowerbeds and pots.

Boplaas has over 2 000 hectares of veld under conservation where the variety occurs naturally. In addition to planting more, this project will actively distribute spekboom cuttings from our Calitzdorp farm and our wine tasting room in Klein Brak River on the Garden Route.

We will also distribute information on how further cuttings can be made and the best way to plant them. The spekboom requires very little maintenance and can survive with only the most minimal amounts of water.

If we can get 1 000 people to plant 100 plants, that’s 100 000 spekboom shrubs helping us fight global climate change.

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