Jul 8, 2024

Boplaas whisky is now available for purchase by the cask. This brand-new offering from the award-winning distillery in the Klein Karoo allows whisky lovers to track the maturation of their own new make spirit from the cask to the bottle.

“To our knowledge, we’re the first distillery in South Africa with a cask ownership program,” says Boplaas master distiller Daniel Nel.

The program allows buyers to acquire new make spirit directly from the distillery, at a wholesale price. The spirit is filled in premium casks and stored in a bonded warehouse for three or five years. Following the initial maturation period, the owner will be able to choose the all-important finishing cask.

“This is really where the magic happens,” says Daniel. “Boplaas wines, ports, whiskies and brandies are champions in their respective categories, and using casks in which these were matured imparts their character on your own whisky. This is what makes the offering unique.”

Boplaas has wide range of barrels, including sweet wines and rum. Should none of these find favour, Boplaas will assist in sourcing an owner’s desired finishing barrel.

Samples of the whisky will be taken bi-annually to provide updates on the whisky’s progress. You’ll also be able to check on the cask yourself. Once you feel your whisky is ready, you may sell the cask or bottle the whisky for yourself.

“This is a great opportunity for friends and whisky clubs to collaborate and invest, sharing the process of whisky ageing,” Daniel says.

The cask program was launched because of demand. “Boplaas whisky has certainly grown in prominence thanks to its consistent record of awards, including titles as Overall Best Producer, at the highest levels. As a result, whisky lovers are keen to gain greater insight that is backed by a quality spirit and solid experience.”

Daniel is the sixth-generation distiller at Boplaas and follows in footsteps that began on the farm in 1880. Furthermore, the Klein Karoo climate is ideal for the ageing spirit. Low humidity and big variation in day and night temperatures intensifies the maturation process. Your whisky will show aromas of older whisky in a much shorter time.

The spirit Boplaas uses for its whiskies and that is now available by the cask, is a single grain whisky made from the finest South African yellow maize, column distilled to over 90%. This makes it a lighter style spirit that takes on more flavour of the casks it is aged in.

“Our cask ownership program is a response to greater interest in Boplaas, but South African whisky in general,” says Daniel. “The concept of cask ownership is well-established overseas, where distilleries for example in the UK and US make casks available and promoted as an investment much like art or classic cars. The value of whisky grows over time, so those who are patient can invest in a cask of whisky still in its youth.”

The casks now available from Boplaas are 200l and 225l in size.

For more information about Boplaas, visit To enquire about the cask ownership program, send email to or call 044 213 3326.

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